I am a visual artist living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I studied Sculpture and Monumental Design in Context at the Willem de Kooning Art Academy in Rotterdam and Environmental Art at The Art Academy in Glasgow, Scotland.


About the artist AnneMarie van Splunter

My work is either an ephemeral installation inside (e.g. an evaporating water landscape, plinths of sugar) or sculptural work in the public realm (e.g. playground, skating rink, parkbench, fences, commissioned, among others, by the Dowse Art Museum in New Zealand and the Dutch Government Buildings Agency)

Meticulous use of materials like bamboo, water, sugar, salt, concrete, steel, appeal to the spectators sensory perception and might emanate a sense of lightness, serenity and absorbed concentration.

Characteristic is an almost architectural approach, an ordering by a mathematical pattern or module, while the curves in the finished sculpture clearly recall biomorphic forms.



Sculptural work in the public realm


Buzzbench, Amstelpark

The Buzzbench is a monumental bench in a citypark where visitors find a quiet retreat and at the same time a biotope for wild bees.

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Play Modules at Dowse Art Museum, NZ

The play modules are a series of undulating concrete elements, that have been put together to form an elongated play area.

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