Flower bench

IKC De Entrée, Zoetermeer

The Flower bench (Bloembank) is a sculptural bench for a primary school that offers a seat and a place for meeting, playing and relaxing.

The work consists of 5 geometrically constructed elements of white terrazzo concrete in the shape of a petal. The idea of a flower is enhanced by the polished finish of the horizontal parts in colored natural stone, whereby shape and decoration reinforce each other.

Green aventurine has been used in the seating area, a gemstone that is very suitable for children and has a beneficial, calming effect. The closed shape of the Flower bench evokes the idea of being included in an embrace, and thus gives a feeling of wellbeing and security.

Specifics Flower bench

Location: IKC De Entree, Zoetermeer
Execution: Artist i.c.w. manufacturer Tomaello, Vlaardingen
Client: Municipality Zoetermeer
Dimensions: Diameter circle 4.6 meters, height 90 cm
Materials: Architectural terrazzo concrete with natural stones: green aventurine,
rose quartz, Inca blue, onyx, Verona rossa and calacite
Year: 2020
Photography: © Annemarie van Splunter
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Flower bench slideshows

Below you’ll find three slideshows of the making and the installation of the Flower bench. Also a close view on the details of the surface: the terrazzo concrete with precious natural stones. Click on the arrows left or right in the image.